System Review & Analysis

Reviews of your Finance, Supply Chain and Asset Management solutions, we can provide recommendations on the best way to improve and develop. We are system agnostic, and all solutions and recommendations are be based on oil & gas best practice.


System Design

Effective business systems should support and enforce the business processes and controls. To achieve this, Prism builds systems that are simple and logical. We understand the importance of a single source of input and output, enabling a single source of the truth. A finance, procurement or asset management solution commonly combines more than one software package and requires detailed planning, expert configuration and creation of interfaces with existing systems. We work closely with staff across your organisation to review your existing IT infrastructure and evaluate suitability for any new software or functionality.


Process Design

Prism have a catalogue of best practice processes to work with clients to achieve the optimum solution. At Prism, we focus on the process aspect of design, not just the systems. We will review your ways of working to ensure we fully understand how your system needs to interact with your other business functions to achieve optimum benefit.


System Implementation & Upgrade

We are able to offer system implementations and upgrades including:

  • Evaluation
  • Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Reporting

Knowledge Transfer & Training

Prism provides Knowledge and Transfer Training to ensure that your users are ready, willing and able to work with your new solution and minimising the impact on their daily work. Having users that are ready, willing and able to work with your new solution is critical to the success of any project. Both the new systems and the new ways of working need to be quickly adopted by your users, with minimal time away from the day-to-day work.